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"I love being an Aunty because it allows me to spend time with my dearest friends doing things to help those who are, in most cases, less fortunate than we are. The gift of giving back, whether it's time, service, or financial is absolutely unbeatable."

"I love volunteering for NIA because I love helping those that are in need. Giving back to the community is a rewarding experience that I love being involved in."

"I love volunteering with NIA because it gives me the opportunity to help my community! I also like the leadership, direction, and diversity of the group." 

NIA Volunteers


"I joined NIA because of Cathi. She lovingly gives her time, heart and soul to the groups projects and events. I think she is a fantastic role model for her community and that we should all strive to be more like her. Even though we are in Las Vegas, the Aloha spirit is strong in her and the group and I can't think of a better family to belong to!"

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